SeeMore Assembly And Press at SXSW 2016

This 6.5 minute video captures the 12-18 hours for 3-4 people of assembly and testing needed for SeeMore to come online. This video was shot in Austin, TX at the SXSW 2016 Tech Expo. SOVA students lead construction while CS students help with assembly and software testing identify nodes for replacement as SeeMore is assembled. SeeMore was the star of the show floor at SXSW attracting thousands including astronauts and international media (see second video).

SeeMore 256-node First Beta Test

PI Kirk Cameron shot this video of one of the first fully functional runs of the Parallel Wavefront Algorithm on the 256-node SeeMore cluster. You can hear the excitement in the room. John Mooring, an CS@VT undergrad, can be heard on the speakerphone. He completed the synchronization of the beautiful SeeMore Vancouver interface remotely just after he joined Microsoft in Seattle. The SeeMore Vancouver Interface (second video below) runs in sync with a different map-reduce algorithm on SeeMore (not pictured).