SeeMore was created to inform, inspire, and educate regular folks as to the beauty and importance of parallel computing. SeeMore attracts visitors from all backgrounds and ages. The exhibit is so fun, energetic, and magnetic that it inspires excitement. Over the years and across a continent, we’ve met a number of great folks at conferences and elsewhere that share our enthusiasm and passion for the project. At the International Maker’s Faire in NYC in 2015, we got the permission of a number of folks to record their thoughts and excitement following their first visit experiencing SeeMore. Below is a sample of these interviews. VT IRB and consent forms on file (Federalwide Assurance #FWA00000572).

IMF 2015 Interview 1: Mat (engineer)

IMF 2015 Interview 2: Casey et al (college students)

IMF 2015 Interview 3: Brandon (teacher)

IMF 2015 Interview 4: Chicago Youth (teachers)

IMF 2015 Interview 5: Terrance (engineer)

IMF 2015 Interview 6: Kitts Family (dad+girls)