The SeeMore Team

Kirk W. Cameron, Ph.D. (center) is a Professor of Computer Science and a Research Fellow in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. The central theme of his research is to improve power and performance efficiency in high performance computing (HPC) systems and applications. Accolades for his work include NSF and DOE Career Awards, IBM and AMD Faculty Awards, and being named Innovator of the Week by Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine. In 2017-2018, Prof. Cameron held a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship at Queen’s University Belfast from the U.K. Royal Academy of Engineering. Kirk conceived SeeMore as visual artifact that demonstrates the importance and beauty of parallel computing.

Sam Blanchard (center right) is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art in 2002 from Ohio University and Master of Fine Art in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. Past research includes hybrid sculptures, installation, performance, and video artworks. Sam utilizes technology based fabrication methods to interweave everyday materials and objects to become extended metaphors of experience. Sam leveraged his artistic talent to design the SeeMore physical artifact. He also maintains a website detailing the artist perspective of SeeMore.

    From far left…

Bo Li Computer Science (Ph.D. student) — Bo is software technical lead for the SeeMore project.

Sergio Bernales (M.S. student, now at Amazon) — Sergio was responsible for prototype software installations, testing, and design of algorithm movement.

Timmy Meyers (B.S. student, now at Google) — Timmy was responsible for prototype experimentation and documenting software construction of SeeMore.

Kelsey Fahrenholtz (B.S. student, now at MicroStrategy) — Kelsey was responsible for prototype experimentation and exploring uses of the SeeMore cluster.

John Mooring (B.S. student, now at Microsoft) — John was responsible for design and implementation of the SeeMore interfaces and demonstration software.

    Not pictured…

Rob Redfearn BFA Studio Art, Virginia Tech 2015

Jud Froelich BFA Studio Art, Virginia Tech 2016

Brennan Young BFA Studio Art, Virginia Tech 2017

Michelle Will BFA Studio Art, Virginia Tech 2014

Tamar Peterson MFA Creative Technologies, Virginia Tech 2015

David Mills MFA Creative Technologies, Virginia Tech 2016

George Hardebeck MFA Creative Technologies, Virginia Tech 2017

Aditya Johri, Assoc. Prof. of Engineering Education (now at GMU).

Bushra Chowdhury, Ph.D. Engineering Education, Virginia Tech 2017